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Leland Reel Co. Sonoma Trout Fly Reel 3/5

by Leland
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The reel we pair with the Sonoma Rod in our educational packages: fully machined and anodized, with click-pawl drag technology.

Fly reels have been built with click-pawl drag mechanisms since the earliest days of trout fishing because it is a maintenance-free, proven design. In the spirit of helping those anglers who are new to the sport connect with its history, we offer the Leland Sonoma Trout Fly Reel. A no nonsense fly fishing reel designed to hold 4-6 weight fly lines. It's fully machined from solid aluminum to provide years of service. The drag tension is tight enough to keep the line from over-running while stripping of line for casting. The exposed palming ring on the spool makes fighting fish easy. No drag to overtighten or loosen when you're new to the sport.

  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Spool Diameter: 3 in.
  • Spool Width: 7/8 in. Internal / 1 1/4 in. External
  • Capacity: WF5F + 80 yds. 20#

What's in a name? When we started Leland Reel Company and began designing our fly reels, we had a focused concept: to make fly reels "classic" again. We wanted to bring back the great days of fly fishing, when life was more carefree, less technical and simply enjoyable. We wanted to offer a fly reel that looked like the ones we dreamed about owning when we were younger - reels that spoke, visually, to the heritage of our sport. We wanted to create fly reels that were elemental in design yet relevant functionally, with contemporary materials and performance. At Leland Reel Company, we have almost three decades of retail customer interaction. We've listened to our customers and we've learned a thing or two. We know that our customers are losing confidence in their fly tackle purchases. They're uncertain if they really need all the perceived features of the latest and greatest fly reels, and they fear that their new fly reel will be replaced next season with something "better" that offers even more quantified performance. At Leland Reel Company, we're moving away from this, designing great fishing reels that work as intended and that will pass the test of time, not only on the stream but on the shelf, too. So come join us at Leland Reel Company, as we celebrate the sport of fly fishing.