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All-Purpose Furled Leader (FLOATING Fly Fishing Leader)

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Floats without treatment.

The ALL-Purpose furled leader is MADE-IN-THE-USA with super strong high-quality materials for performance and durability. The leader is designed by Brandon Moon (known expert leader engineer). Perfect for dries, hopper-dropper setups, nymphs, poppers, small streamers, and so forth… This furled leader floats right out of the package and will continue to float WITHOUT treatment every fly-fishing trip. Has Almost ZERO MEMORY to work out to you don’t get the coil-effect common to fly leaders which allows you to get a better casting layout and softer presentation of your dry flies. The slight limpness of this furled leader allows it to bend with your drift for a better drift presentation.

Leader Attributes

  • Spectacular ALL-PURPOSE Fly Leader.
  • FLOATS Without Treatment.
  • No Coiling Line Memory To Work Out. 
  • Better Drifts, Presentation & Turnover.
  • MADE-IN-THE-USA with the HIGHEST Quality Materials.

Leader Specifications

  • 0-3wt leader length 4 ½ ft breaking strength 7lbs
  • 4-6wt leader length 5 ½ ft breaking strength 12lbs
  • 7-8wt leader length 5 ½ ft breaking strength 16lbs
  • 9-10wt leader length 5 ½ ft breaking strength 20lbs


Attach the leader to your fly line via loop to loop connection, makes for easy change of leaders without shortening your fly line. Connect tippet to the leader’s tippet ring.

Handcrafted and Made in the USA
Designed by Brandon Moon, Moonlit Fly Fishing