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Semperfli Green Peacock Quill Substitution

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Semperfli Peacock Quills Multipack includes a collection of both Green Peacock & Black Peacock colors in 5 different sizes.

These peacock imitation quills are great for getting the flash of peacock feathers. They give you the advantage of several different sizes to match the size or style of your fly. They are also more durable than peacock feathers.

Some countries ban the import of or travel with flies with peacock feather, these peacock quills are a great option for anyone facing this issue.

Customer Reviews

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Tim Hyde
better than the real thing

had a medium size sent to me just to check this out found that it was just fine for what kind of nymphs i tie , looks great and allot more sturdy as far as not breaking even whip fished it of try doing that with the real thing , the only reason i gave 4 stars was it gets gone in a hurry maybe i was just happy to use it ha ha , next time i am gonna order med and large any thing 14 and under you would be better to get the smaller size