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Semperfli Tail Fibre Fibbets

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Current price $4.99
As the only dedicated fly tying company in the world with our own fully computerized dying machine which can dye materials up to 6 bar pressure and over 120C we can dye a vast array of products, much more than any other dedicated fly tying company who usually dye with stock pots. The result of our computerized dying system is that we have been able to develop an entire range of dyed fibbets to match many of natures fly colors.

With 16 color options including Tail Fibre Fibbets.  Semperfli now has one of the most comprehensive fibbet ranges on the market. Added to that these fibbets can be tied with the thinner end and knot to make the most robust legs on the market today for hoppers or daddies....

Taking a soft fibbet which does not cause fish “knock off” as they are too strong. They are dyed in a range of natural colors. Rather than sticking them to a piece of card we tightly gripped them in a steel band so you can cut off fibbets as you need them to the length you need them and keep all your fibbets together for use time after time until the last fibbet is used.

Each Tail Fibre Fibbets has a usable 40mm length suiting even the largest flies and nymphs you can find in the water with an average of 230 fibbets per pack. These Tailing Fibbets are clamped together tightly with a steel clamp that allows you to bend and cut the exact amount of fibbets you are needing.