Semperflash Mirror Medium 1/32" Flash

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SemperFlash Mirror Medium 1/32”

SemperFlash Mirror Medium 1/32" is a unique mix of tinsel with colors that change horizontally on each individual strand.  These blends bring a lot to your tying experience and finished flies with an amazing blend of multicolor strands of tinsel.  The Mirror Medium Flash is 1/32” wide so you can see each individual strands multi colors mixed in.  Think of using SemperFlash Mirror Medium 1/32" options in light day/dark day flies!


These Tinsels are manufactured and designed after extensive research had been done.  What was found is that most tinsels were tied in half, meaning that the center of most tinsels were unusable.  Because of this SemperFlash Mirror Medium you will get 1/32” wide tinsel that is 10”/25cm long and tied at the top rather than the center.  This gives you more usable material to tie with.


Each of these come with 300 strands of flash in each pack, for an amazing value.  The whole length of the flash, 10” is completely usable as well.  This will give you the best quality and value.  Works great for breathers on huge Tarpon, or muskie flies, and winging material as well.  Enjoy the versatility, and quality on your favorite flies.

Unique Features:

  • Durable Material
  • 300 strands per package
  • 10" inch strand length
  • 1/32" width
  • Adds flash, and movement to fly