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Semperfli Tying Wire .2mm

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The variety of colors make the possibilities endless and only up to your imagination.  They work great as ribbing to add depth to your fly, and character to your Copper Johns.  This wire is great for tying your nymphs, and ribbing.  It will add some weight to your unweighted soft hackles to get them in the surface column and add a little extra to your weighted nymphs as well.  We enjoy using the .2mm and the .3mm wire for a little extra weight on our nymph patterns for both bodies (Copper Johns), and ribbing on our flies.

ly tying wires are used in all disciplines of fly fishing, however the market offerings were inconsistent with amount per spool, colors and often they would go rusty after several uses. Due to this we turned our focus onto wires and improving the fly tiers experience.

All the Semperfli wires are non tarnishing and come in a large range of colors.

0.2mm Wire is ideal for Lures, Streamers, Salmon, Saltwater and Predator flies.

20 meters per spool

36 SWG