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Semperfli Perdigon Body 1/69 small (0.4mm)

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Semperfli Perdigon Body material is specially designed for creation of perfect small perdigon flies.  The material is a soft material, but strong enough to be able to use a tying bobbin to help build up the body of your fly.  It is designed to different effects like iridescent, fluorescent, or translucent giving the body extremely stunning effects on the perdigon flies body.  The color appears to change when viewed in different light and at different angles. Typically you will use a light colored thread such as white for this material to let the colors of the material show more naturally, but you can change the characteristic of the colors by using differing colors of thread to create a completely different effect.  This material is also great to use on any nymph pattern, bead head soft hackles, and even dries.  Don't limit your tying and use your imagination with this beautiful material, and let your flies shine.

Length in Meters:  30m 32yards
Product Family:  Tinsel 1/69" (0.4mm)