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Platinum Brookie Short Furled Leader

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Original price $15.00
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Ideal for fishing small creeks and blue line water.

Optimal leader for blue line streams & creeks, as well as shorter rods. This leader is made shorter to optimize performance on tighter small streams, as well as shorter rods.  The shorter length makes it the optimal choice for shorter rods that cast better with shorter leaders.

Breaking Strength:
0-2wt (6lb), and 3-5wt (9lb)

Leader Length:

This furled fly fishing leader has a high performance tapered designed with years of experience & feedback that gives you great turnover, great presentation, and little to no memory to straighten out. This fly leader is USA MADE with very high quality materials.

The Brookie (was called the Rhododendron) furled leader comes with your choice of a tip end: tippet ring (recommended), micro swivel, or a shorb loop.  The tip ring and micro swivel make the change and transition of different size tippet smooth and effortless.  The micro swivel also helps reduce tippet the twisting from big heavy flies.

Attach to fly line via loop to loop connection.

Smooth and round tippet ring good enough for 8x tippet. Made in Japan.
There is not a better tippet ring available

Handcrafted and Made in the USA
Designed by Brandon Moon, Moonlit Fly Fishing

Enjoy the World’s Finest Furled Leaders!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
catches fish, highly recommend

I've been using the same 3-5wt leader all year with my 3wt
glass rod. Extremely duable and easy to cast. No problem fishing remote moutnain streams for native brook trout and wild browns. Or any other stream where a 3wt is ideal. At first I was a little hesitant because it is clearly visable, but with either flouro or mono tippet the trout don't seem to mind. They just gobble up the the flies. A little of the Nirvana floatant applied and the leader gives a nice drift. The included tippet ring and microswivel are handy when changing tippet and flies. I highly recommended anyone to try this out.