NIRVANA Leader Rig Holder Wheels (4 pack) extra-thin

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NIRVANA Leader Rig Holder Wheels

Perfect for holding your leader rigs

There isn’t better way to store your leaders, especially if you want to store them fully rigged with tippet and a fly.

At just 7mm thick, they are much thinner and compact than the common foam rig wheels you commonly see and have way more features to offer.

Line locking tabs all around the rim so you can secure the end of your leader anywhere.

Plus 7 slits around the center hole to secure the end of your line as well, whatever fits your preference.

Also, there is a bar to hook your fly onto so you can keep the fly in the center hole protected from getting matted.

The backside of the spool is flat edged around the rim working as a guide to make it very easy to wind up your leader even though the spool is so thin.

The spools come in a 4 pack with 4 different colors so you can color code your leaders making it easier to find the one you are looking for.

You can also write on the face of the foam center with a fine point Sharpe marker details about the leader so you can’t forget what leader is on the spool.

These are great for your leader rigs but they are excellent for your multi-fly nymphing rigs, flies can be hooked in the face of the foam center as you wrap the nymph rig up.

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