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Black caddis (or "Brachycentrus" species) is a common type of caddisfly found in many rivers and streams around the world. They typically hatch in the late spring and early summer and are an important food source for many fish species, including trout. Hatch chart and information for the Black Caddis Life Cycle: Black caddis will spend the majority of their lives as larvae in the stream, building a protective case out of twigs, rocks, and other debris. When it is time to hatch, they will emerge from their cases as pupae swimming to the surface. Once reaching the surface, they shed their...

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Traditionally this pattern was designed to imitate what they call the Olives, and tied in olive.  Cannon Greenwell and James Wright are the originators of this pattern and it is still one of the most popular North Country Spider patterns to this day. I have taken that to be like a Green Drake, or green Mayfly.  The charts I've seen for this range from size 10 to size 16.  I tie and fish them in sizes 10 through 20 to fish during Green Drakes, Flavs, and BWOs. I've also tied it in a Rusty Brown for a March Brown Spider...

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