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Rene Harrop BWO Last Chance Cripple Guides Edition

Rene Harrop BWO Last Chance Cripple Guides Edition

s described previously the Last Chance Cripple pattern was designed by the world-renowned tier and angler Rene Harrop on the famed waters of the Railroad Ranch of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, and other Spring Creeks in the area where fish often refuse your favorite dry fly patterns.  This pattern is effective because it imitates a crippled BWO struggling in the water.  This triggers a feeding instinct in the fish for a quick and easy meal.  We love to fish this in tandem with a parachute BWO pattern, BWO Vis A Dun, and or a BWO Soft Hackle.  We will fish them in doubles and also as a triple combination, for some interesting fun on occasion.  Make sure to check out the tying tutorial and materials list.

Tying Tutorial Video


Materials List

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