Big Hog Furled Leader (streamer/nymph fly leader)

Copper Camo

Copper Camo with Orange Indicator section

The Big Hog furled fly leader has a perfect blend of Premium Fluorocarbon and Polyester thread to give you the perfect nymph/small streamer leader.  This fly fishing leader is ideal for throwing streamers and nymphs alike. This fly leader has a short fluorocarbon sink tip perfect for sub-surface fly fishing.

This furled leader has a high performance tapered designed with years of experience & feedback that gives you great turnover, great presentation, and little to no memory to straighten out. This fly leader is USA MADE with high quality materials.

The Big Hog furled leader comes with your choice of a tip end: micro swivel (recommended), tippet ring, or a shorb loop.  The tip ring and micro swivel make the change and transition of different size tippet smooth and effortless.  The micro swivel also helps reduce the twisting from big heavy flies.

2 thoughts on “Big Hog Furled Leader (streamer/nymph fly leader)

    1. Moonlit Fly Fishing Post author

      This is for a multiple color leader. For example first is Olive and second is Brown. This forms a candy stripe effect.


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