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Here at Moonlit Fly Fishing we specialize in the ancient art form of Furling.  Using this ancient art form we are able to make very light and delicate Leaders/Tenkara Line.  These  Leaders/Lines are of the highest quality and made by me personally.

Moonlit Fly Fishing was created to share mine and my Grandpa Augers passion for fly fishing.  This company has helped me to connect with him in a way I was unable to while he was alive.  He had a passion for fly fishing and loved to share it with others, and by sharing that with you I am able to continue his legacy.  I take great pride in making sure our products are of the utmost quality to help enhance your experience, and so you can feel the pride and craftsmanship that goes into every product.

One of the amazing things about Fly Fishing/Tenkara is that every fish has a story to tell, along with every trip.  With this why shouldn’t you want to allow your equipment to be customized to tell help add to the story you will tell.  We hope to help you in telling the most amazing story ever.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Justin Ware

    I’m currently learning to fish on a Dragontail Tenkara Rod. I currently have the Tachi Furled Line and struggle casting with it in the wind. First time I went out I struggled to get the line to land on the water and not get blown back into my face. I live in Montana where it is perpetually windy. I was wondering how the Tachi Furled Line compared to the Medium or even Heavy Bushi Furled Line with repect to wind and castability. I’d be interested to hear any other recommendations you may have on other lines or techniques that may help. PS: I found you on Facebook and follow you there now .. love seeing the fish pics!

    1. Moonlit Fly Fishing Post author

      Justin I would look at maybe trying the Oudachi line. This line has much more power, but isn’t for fishing dry flies. If it’s dries your wanting to throw I’ll make you a supped up Tachi.

  2. Tony M.

    As an avid tyer and trout fisherman I enjoy tying streamers and nymphs the most. When looking for a hook that is aesthetically appealing and strong there is no place to look other than Moonlit. Their hooks are second to none, strong, beautiful and reasonable. With a great variety to choose from and excellent customer service, Brandon is sure to help you get the hooks you need to fit your needs.

    Also, to add to their line of hooks, excellent rods and leaders… they also carry a selection of unique and not typically seen materials that are guaranteed to up your fly tying game. I have been nothing but impressed with the service and products from Moonlit and will continue to do business with them.


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