Bushi Tenkara Line

Hi-Vis Orange

Chartreuse & Olive w/Chartreuse Tip

Olive & Grey w/Orange Tip

A Great All-Around Line at a Great Price
This line is great for most situations and is very light. When floatant (like Otter Butter) is applied it floats like a dream for fishing dries. This is a great all around line and comes in 3 different weights to suite your needs.

Light Weight:
The light weight Bushi is great for gentle presentation and will cast light flies very well and casts slightly weighted flies just fine, also a great choice for dry flies. I wouldn’t recommend the light weight for longer than 13.5ft. as it starts to loose its power, the medium weight would be a better choice for 15ft – 20ft Bushi line.

Medium Weight:
The medium weight Bushi line is one of my favorites, it is truly an all-purpose line. It is still quite light for soft presentation but carries a punch that will work in most great in slightly breezy conditions and a great line for beginners who are learning to cast because it casts quite easy. It was designed to have a nice loop when casting that helps presentation and cast heavier flies or large flies like popper or hoppers. This is a great weight if you are getting a Bushi longer than 13.5ft. This weight has got to be my favorite of the Bushi lines and I highly recommend this line.

Heavy Weight:
The heavy weight Bushi is a great wind blaster and has lots of casting power, definitely a very easy line to cast if you struggle with casting. It can cast large heavy flies such as weighted woolly buggers or even mice patters. This is a great choice for lines longer than 15ft.


The Neon Green and the Chartreuse lines are the easiest to see which can make your Tenkara experience much better. We sell a camo with hi-vis tip which looks cool but it can sometimes be hard to see when fishing so I recommend the brighter lines for most people.

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